Yeovil Town condemn ‘Stop the boats’ sticker at Euro 2024

Yeovil Town fans and football supporters have criticized a sticker featuring their former badge, which surfaced during Euro 2024 in Germany with an anti-immigration message. The green and white sticker bears the words “Stop the boats” alongside “Ausländer raus,” translating to “foreigners out” in English. This image has circulated widely on social media, sparking significant backlash.

In response, Yeovil Town has denounced the sticker, emphasizing that they “do not condone or support this message in any form.” The club expressed dismay over the misuse of their logo and affirmed their commitment to maintaining an inclusive environment at the Glovers.

A spokesperson for Yeovil Town Football Club has addressed the issue, stating:

“Yeovil Town Football Club is aware of a sticker featuring our former logo with the slogan ‘stop the boats,’ which has been seen in Germany and shared on social media. We want to make it absolutely clear that Yeovil Town Football Club does not condone or support this message in any way.

“Our club firmly opposes any form of discrimination, xenophobia, or divisive rhetoric. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and welcoming community that values and respects individuals regardless of their background or nationality.

“The unauthorized use of our logo in this manner is concerning, and we are taking immediate steps to address this misuse. We appreciate the ongoing support of our fans and community as we uphold our values of respect, unity, and diversity. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”


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