Brad Scott’s Bombers stay on alert as threats loom

Brad Scott believes nothing is definite on the way home.

DESPITE its 30-point win over West Coast putting Essendon a game-and-a-half clear inside the top four, Brad Scott has confessed it “doesn’t feel firm”.

The Bombers currently have a record of nine victories from 14 games this season and shook off a bad run into last week’s bye to establish an aggressive, attacking game versus the Eagles. However, for Scott, nothing is definite.

“We try not to, as players and coaches, but you definitely walk into a game with a preconceived notion of what should happen. But the competition keeps telling you that’s not true,” Scott remarked after the match.

“It is tighter than it has ever been…” and things change quite quickly. He was keen to highlight Sam Durham’s progress, citing the midfielder’s 29 disposals and goal in the win as the best-on-ground performance.

“If I’d sat here saying two years ago that Sam Durham would be doing what he’s doing now, no-one would have believed me, even though we could see the upward trajectory he was on,” Scott remarked.

“The great thing about Sam is that he’s an incredibly humble, down-to-earth person, and they’re great qualities, but he doesn’t realise right now what he’s capable of.”

The decision to manage ruck Todd Goldstein and put in young key forward Nate Caddy was a wise one, as Caddy contested effectively in the air and scored two goals for the Bombers, but Scott accepted that Goldstein’s return is likely for next week’s match against Geelong.


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