Dallas Cowboys Trade Dak Prescott to Las Vegas Raiders in bold prediction

The Dallas Cowboy save a perennial MVP candidate at quarterback, an All-Pro wide receihave everything to win this year. They hver, and one of the best pass rushers in the NFL. However, they also have a great deal to lose this year. Head coach Mike McCarthy is in the final year of his contract and owner Jerry Jones has refused to offer him an extension. That 1-3 record in the NFL Playoffs since he because head coach has far from met the expectations the team has had for him.

Furthermore, the three players mentioned above—Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb, and Micah Parson—are all eligible for significant contract extensions. Prescott in particular is expected to sign a contract that has the potential to shatter previous records for guaranteed money, annual salary, and total compensation.

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott Is in Line for a Massive Contract Extension

The Cowboys have stated clearly that they would want to extend their quarterback, but no deal has been reached as of yet. Meanwhile, contracts worth well over $50 million annually have been secured by two other NFL quarterbacks: Trevor Lawrence and Jared Goff.

Regarding Dallas’ predicament with Prescott, the Lawrence contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars is particularly worrisome. The three-year veteran agreed to a huge $275 million, five-year contract that will pay him $55 million year. This puts him in a tie with Cincinnati Bengals player Joe Burrow for the NFL’s highest yearly compensation.

Prescott will naturally demand (and receive) more money than Lawrence because, in the grand scheme of things, he is a better quarterback. It remains to be seen if the Cowboys will be able or willing to pay the asking fee.

NFL Analyst Predicts Dak Prescott Will be Traded by Dallas Cowboys at the Deadline

To his credit, Prescott has participated in all Dallas off-season activities except for contract negotiations. That does not guarantee that it will be finished in time for the start of the season, though. He will play, of course, whether or not a deal is reached. His only way to raise his fee is to perform well.

Prescott’s current deal has a clause prohibiting the Cowboys from franchise-tagging him. Put another way, any team will be able to sign him once he hits free agency, and Dallas can only hope he decides to accept their offer above those of other suitors. There will be more talk that he will leave the Cowboys in free agency if he enters the regular season without a new contract.

One analyst believes the Cowboys will just trade him if that is the case and if Dallas is out of the running for the NFL Playoffs by the time the NFL trade deadline arrives. The Las Vegas Raiders were listed as a possible destination:

“The Eagles are the obvious favourite in the NFC East, even though the odds may be equal. They simply have too much quality to fail, and Dallas appears set for further decline.

Prescott, who has only played in two playoff games and has thrown four interceptions in the team’s last two postseason defeats, may very probably be benched by the franchise if that occurs.

Although most of the components are present in this instance, quarterbacks don’t usually relocate in the middle of the season. Now, a deadline blockbuster involving Prescott could happen if a contender suffered a serious injury to its quarterback, or if a team like Las Vegas or Seattle finds itself in the running while having a subpar quarterback.

Although there was no mention of a return package, one would presume that many first-round draft selections and a new contract for Prescott would be included in the transaction. However, this would leave Dallas as a rebuilding team in a vulnerable situation without a franchise quarterback. Trey Lance is still there, for sure, but he hasn’t shown much in the NFL yet.

Prescott and All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams together must be a thrilling prospect for the Raiders. Everyone witnessed what Adams could do with an MVP-caliber quarterback when he was with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Adams has demonstrated that he can put up video game numbers with below-average quarterbacks throwing him the ball.

Although this move could save the Raiders, it would undoubtedly spell disaster for Dallas.


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