Coleman Hawkins recalls conversations with  former K-State player and coach, Brad Underwood  

Brad Underwood, a former player and coach at K-State, expressed satisfaction with the program.
Coleman Hawkins, an Illinois transfer, attracted the attention of numerous colleges after he withdrew his name from the NBA Draft.

In the end, Hawkins—the same school where Brad Underwood, his former head coach, played and was the head coach—gave his commitment to Kansas State.

In an interview with Sleepers Media, Hawkins discussed Underwood’s influence on his choice to move to K-State as follows:

“After my Louisville visit man cancelled, [Brad Underwood] really phoned me to chat about Louisville before I left [for Manhattan]. nonetheless, it was cancelled, and he began discussing K-State with me. He simply added a kind comment and honestly had nothing bad to say. Being quite upbeat, he informed me about Aggieville, stating that his spouse was originally from there. He was really positive about providing information about K-State, and I even told him, “Damn coach, you trying to sell me on your former school or what?” We kind of laughed it off, but he had nothing but good things to say.”

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