5 Things to Know About Victoria Kalina; Cheerleader from America’s Sweethearts

Fans may be interested in finding out more about the real-life Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders (DCC) that appear in all seven episodes of the recently released docuseries America’s Sweethearts, which is available to view on Netflix.

Victoria Kalina, a cheerleader from Coppell, Texas, is one such example. Kalina, who was born on October 27, is a second-generation DCC, having grown up seeing her mother play in the mid-to late 1980s.

Victoria Kalina Began her Cheerleading Journey at Age 2

Victoria Kalina has direct experience with the years of training needed to become a cheerleader.

She stated on her Dallas Cowboys biographical page that she joined the competition squad at her dance centre when she was just 2 years old and began dancing. Kalina has had instruction in a wide range of competitive forms, including jazz, tap, and ballet. In high school, she also performed as a dancer for a “professional performing company”.

As she grew older, she talked about mentoring dancers at conventions and teaching at the dance centre where she received her training:

“When I was two years old, I started dancing at Top Hat Dance Centre. I trained in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, musical theatre, and other disciplines for eighteen years there. Ten of those years were spent competing with a dance company. I also participated in their professional performing company in high school, which gave performances at several business functions throughout the metroplex. I cherished going to dance conventions to compete with my company and collaborate with other choreographers. During my high school years, I also worked as a dance instructor at Top Hat, instructing elementary dancers in tap and ballet.”

Following high school, Kalina attended Dallas’s The Joffrey Ballet School to further her skills before joining the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

Victoria Joined as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader in 2019

Kalina started her rookie season as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader in 2019.

Kalina said about how “as a little girl she knew she wanted to be a DCC:” in her bio.

“Being raised near the DCC was a great blessing for me! I was a Jr. DCC for many years and attended Camp DCC every summer. When I was a young child, I loved the shine of the famous costume and the opportunity to dance with pom poms, therefore I knew I wanted to be a DCC and watched and learned from them.”

As a result of DCC’s numerous events and initiatives, Kalina “began to see how they made a difference” and “[love] the organization even more.”

She has been hoping to join the team since 2004. Kalina responded, “I respect the organization, and I feel very protective of it:”

“I knew I loved the organization even more as I grew older and saw how they improved the lives of people through USO tours, hospital visits, nursing homes, waving to fans at games, and other activities. I am really protective of the DCC and I wanted to be a part of it because I respect it. Ever since I attended my first Camp DCC in 2004, it has been my dream.”

Kalina has described her teammates as “the most beautiful and supportive sisters” during her time on the team, and she believes she has “so many great experiences ahead of her:”

“I adore EVERY aspect of being a DCC member! The knowledge that I have a ton of wonderful experiences with this organization ahead of me, though, is what I adore most. I swear to treasure each and every one of them! AND I adore going on this adventure with 35 of my most stunning, encouraging sisters who inspire me to be my best self.”

Victoria Briefly Left the Dallas Cowboys in 2022

With the excuse of “personal issues,” Kalina left the DCC for the 2022 season.

With a thank you to everyone “for all your love, encouragement and support:” on Instagram, she revealed the news.

“Dear Friends,

Due to some personal issues, I have made a brave, mature and unselfish decision to take a leave from the sidelines this season. THANK YOU for all your love, encouragement and support! Your messages mean THE world to me. I am reading every one of them and I will get back to you when I can.”

Kalina continued to refer to the other members of DCC as her sisters, expressing her excitement for them to “SHINE this season:”

“The DCC organization is family and I am so lucky to have their love and support. I can’t wait to watch my sisters SHINE this season and cheer on the new rookies!

I love y’all and appreciate all your KINDNESS and LOVE!


She is cheering for her fourth season once more in 2024.

Victoria Became a Fitness Instructor

While she was not working for the DCC, Kalina started working as an exclusive instructor at eve., which bills itself as a “Women – Only Luxury Experience.”

The studio located in Dallas is referred to on the.eve website as “the perfect place” for anyone seeking to “reset, recharge, or connect with like-minded women.”

Eve. revealed Kalina’s role on her Instagram. The newest instructor’s dedication to the studio was initially highlighted in the post, as she had been “in the studio almost daily:”

*your new elite instructor*

Victoria Kalina most likely looks like a very familiar face to most of you as she is in the studio almost daily & has been demoing since the opening of the studio.”

Kalina is referred to as “a PERFECT addition to the Eve family” in the release.

“Victoria whole heartedly EMBODIES an eve. woman & is a PERFECT addition to the eve. family.

The eve. experience is an experience that was created to be like none other. As we expand our family, the utmost care will always be at the forefront to keep that unique experience alive.

We are beyond excited to welcome Victoria to the space”

Victoria Has Her Own Blog

Described as “a deep dive into my life with all things girly and pink,” Kalina’s blog certainly looks the part with its pink aesthetic.

Kalina started the blog in December 2023, and her most recent post was in February 2024. In her first post, she talks about how she has been thinking about this project for a while.

She wrote about how her goal with it is “to share a deeper, more personal insight with y’all than what you may see on my social media accounts,” and readers can see that in her blog posts so far.

There are posts about everything from fashion tips to what a cheerleader’s “day in the life” is like. She shares tips on how she gets ready for game days and talks about how much she enjoys February in general because of Valentine’s Day.



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